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How is Thrive Academy Different?

We understand that increasing self-reliance carries a range of meanings for different students. For some individuals, it involves obtaining a job and establishing their own living arrangements. Others may define it as carrying out daily tasks—like cleaning, organizing, and cooking—without the aid of others.

At Thrive Academy, we are interested in more than just academics and test scores. By offering assistance that fosters self-reliance, the capacity to speak up for oneself, and a strong sense of self-assurance, we aim to prepare students for the workforce. In essence, we provide students with the tools necessary for them to thrive in life, paving the way for a fulfilling and satisfying future.

Thrive Academy Admissions Requirements:

  • Students with an Autism diagnosis.
  • Students must demonstrate independence in toileting and eating.
  • Students in grades 6-12+
  • Ability to work in a vocational environment with supervision (with appropriate training and coaching)

Thrive Academy Admissions Process:



Make sure Thrive Academy is the right fit for your child. If what we described in the “How is Thrive Academy Different?” aligns with your goals for your student, then proceed to filling out the application.


Complete the application form. Note that there is additional required documentation listed on page 2. This documentation should be included when submitting your application.

Application Review

The application will be reviewed by Thrive Academy’s administration and if there is an available space that suits your student’s needs and goals, we will set a time for a school visit where a member of our education team along with one of our Family Initiative clinicians will evaluate your child's academic, fine and gross motor, social, and behavioral skills, to ensure appropriate placement in our program. And parents will meet with a member of our administration to discuss further the details of Thrive Academy’s purpose and goals for our students.


You will be notified via email within 7-10 business days from the school visit whether your student has been accepted into Thrive Academy.

Student Application

Click the link below to download the student application. Once you complete the application please send to: